Request Guidelines
Whether you win the raffle or cash in on the $50 or $100 loyalty bonus, much like my policies for art trades, there's certain things I won't do. Let me go ahead and get this upfront.
  •  OVERALL: Keep it simple. I don't like drawing anything with a lot of parts (so no Gundams or super HD leviathans where you can see every last scale/wart/hair).
  • No humanoids, please. I'll admit it, I'm pretty lazy and something about the human anatomy bores me when I have to draw it. This includes really anthropomorphized animals/monsters/aliens with a human-like body. I don't want to draw all those muscles, I'm falling asleep typing about it.
  • Only SFW requests.
  • And on that note no fetish fuel, either.
  • Doodles are black and white, and at best in greyscale. They are limited to a single character. An example of a doodle would be works like this  and this  .
  • Full color illustrations can include a background if it's simple enough, and possibly more than one character depending on the concept. Don't go nuts and request a group picture or other such complicated illustrations.
  • Animations: Try to think of something that loops easily in a few frames. Don't ask for an elaborate scene or anything that'd probably take more than 10 frames. Same rules above apply otherwise (especially "Keep it simple").

Finally, I hold the final say on any requests, and can refuse them if I feel like they seem to be a major violation of any of the guidelines. However, this does not mean I will skip you entirely. It is best to come in with a few ideas so that something has a likelihood of being chosen! And if you don't have anything right away, come back to me once you get a new idea!