Requests and Ideas
You guys help me out so much, I want to hear your ideas first!
What do you think I should draw more of? More fanart, more horror, more character designs, etc? Anything new you'd like to see me try?
I saw someone i follow make a post like this on tumblr (im-bravo, very incredible artist, amazing with color and shading, go check them out) and I'm just copying the idea!
I feel very disconnected from my followers because I rarely get feedback, so any ideas would be super helpful. Like they mentioned in their post, I'm also trying to expand my audience and work towards freelance full time. I'm going to ask this on tumblr later on, but you guys get first say!

Side note: if I owe anyone commissions still, please message me or get in contact with me somehow. I want to give you what you're paying for!