Requiem and Renewal
We had an amazing event yesterday where folks gathered to process and shift by making art, lounging and connecting with other people. We wrote down fears and anger. We wrote down our dreams for the future and hopes. We placed them into the small bottles. Then, if desired, we put a light inside of the bottles. Then, we chose to bury some of the bottles and to line some up together, shining and bright in the darkness. Placed upside down, in the ground, no cork. That way these things can slip out, into the ground, leaving behind what we do not need to carry around with us. We also lined up our hopes and intentions to shine out next to one another. Huddled together. Lined up to face the darkness. The darkness of some feelings and reactions can't be cleanly separated from the lightness of hope. It's just not that simple. So we each choose what was right for us. Something about the anger and fear can guide us. Sometimes writing out our frustrations starts changing the way that we feel about them. Setting goals and intensity around the world and how we wish it to be means allowing them to line them up with the lights shining out together. Sometimes they are a secret that we want to let sit and simmer. At the end of the evening we also burned some artwork and writings of shadows - hatred, anger, negative self talk and more. It was wonderful. It was sad. It was incredibly powerful. It was exhausting and also revitalizing at the same time. I highly recommend it. Thank you so much for being a part of the grand experiment of this Not So Secret Society. The Honest Outliers are the reason that we can create these things. Gratitude to each of you.
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