Requiem of souls Chapter 103 -The ancient God's True Power-

Chapter 103

The Rakshasas were considered to be demons. And without the limitation of hell’s seal, they proved most vicious, one of them can handle more than ten angles without being forced to death, while they never went alone even if they were strong just by themselves. They would always pounce on one angle and tear it from limb to limb, feasting on it like maddened beasts. 

Every time they kill an angel a portion of its blood would fly toward the giant skeleton who was still chanting some ancient words.

Two of his hands were waving about while nine of its heads were chanting, it almost sounded like music, but with each word spoke more Rakhsashas would spawn and more carnage would be brought to the land.

“Fellow angels! Fold back don’t let yourselves be consumed by those demonic beings!” cried out the Archangel as he raised his sword and charged forward like a meteor.

Without wasting a second, I willed my chains to transform into a giant shield!

“Everyone! Delay that bastard! We need to buy some time for Ravana!” I said as my party of six engaged in the fight.

Haru activated his shield and hammer’s ability, smacking down on the terrain with such force that the buildings froze over.

His wall rose high up in the sky as if it was a titanic wall forcing anything to hesitate a moment before either trying to pierce through it or fly above it.

The moment anyone tries to fly above the ground they would be shot down by Nemu’s dragon breath and hundreds of spells from vendir and his newly raised skeletal army.

The angels started dying at the much faster rate. The Rakshasas didn’t even wait for the angels to drop from the skies as they lunged at them and slew many of them, they didn’t care if their enemies were wounded or fully healed up. They would just consume and eat, never being filled and never knowing satiety.

“What a fearsome bunch of creatures,” said Haruka as she shuddered at the sight.

“You should have seen their deeds in hell… this is considered to be merciful.” I said as I lunged forward in the skies stopping the incoming Angel.

The moment the shield and the sword struck at each other a huge wave of energy blasted forward.while the angel was forced away a few meters I was sent flying and crashed into a building.

Damn! The weight of that giant is too much for me. At least in flight, I cannot stop him, if I were on land I wouldn’t have been sent flying with just that.

I took a lot of damage from the impact, but that was manageable, due to my Hp. I wouldn’t have been that threatened if it were not for the Holy element attacks of that sword.

“Persistent fools! Die! Holy smite!”

Shit, that attack again!

The skies split again and a giant magic circle appeared.

If I were to use the soul flame destroyer I would be killed and might harm my allies, they are not grouped together. Looking at the distance between all of them, it would take a couple of seconds for them to group and more for Vendir to use his protective Barrier… the spell would land any second now! Shit!

“Worry not,” Said Vendir “Like I said, you should use your head sometimes instead of brash strength.”

“Vow of silence!” he Cast a spell and a huge circle appeared. For only a split second the circle appeared and everything went silent.

Then the vow was dispelled and the giant magic circle was disturbed and vanished from sight.

“That is an overpowered spell!” I said

“Indeed, but you should thoroughly understand the basis of magic to be able to use it. only a split second of its activation can render all magic related spells useless… your Soul skills, however, can't be interrupted by this as they are not magic.” Said Vendire as he waved his scepter once again shouting his signature spell


A huge root emerged from the ground and latched on the angel while it began to grow thorns

“Such impudence!” cried out the angel as a glow of holy light emanated from him and began to burn the root to ash.

“Sigh, the only disadvantage of that spell is its weakness to holy element… we really are facing a difficult enemy here…” said Vendir as he didn’t bother with just watching and shot hundreds of dark arrows at the giant angel.

“Herald!” Spoke Ravana “I am more or less better now! Let me show you the might of true gods!” he said as his hands began to glow in a dark light.

Twenty different weapons emerged from all his hands; A bow, a glaive, a sword, a single, a shield and many more weapons emerged, each of them on every hand.

The giant gained back its footing and rose with immense strength. His skeletal body was no more, and now it was a blue-skinned being with muscles and flesh covering him, the only difference between his current look and when he was in Hell was his eyes… they were green similar to Vendir and My eyes.

With a single step, he closed the gap between him and the angel.

If the angel was a hundred meters tall, Ravana was twice the size.

A battle of titans now started. And everyone was shocked to see the clash between the two behemoths.

“Ignore the Archangel! Take down all the followers they are weak alone but their unity might tip the balance!” I said and began chasing the Flying angels, forcing most of them to either flee in terror or die miserably.

The Rakshasas didn’t stop too, though they have restored their summoner they still ‘Ate’ their fill of angel flesh when was it the last time they had eaten such ‘pure’ meat?

The fight broke out and the balance was instantly tipped to our favor. The kingdom of heaven was rendered to dust, the infernal chains of my territorial skill would latch on to any unfortunate enough to stand too close, the army of the unsatiable Rakhskasa would hunt weak preys while my friends would rain hell upon them.

It was a slaughter. Though I didn’t really care if these so-called angels were benevolent or not, they were not going to let us pass, and if we didn’t pass… our objective will never be accomplished. 

Truth to be told, I feel like I am no different from these so-called Divine. We both seek carnage. While they control the world to do their bidding, I am trying to do the same. The only difference is that this system they are using is forcing everyone and everything to their demise. Either one should follow their rule and ‘live’ their lives in total servitudes, even in a death like what we saw in the first circle of heaven they were forced to serve. 

Or fight to change the fate of these poor souls. If a million death can serve to make the path to billions of lives to live freely, I won’t be a hypocrite and say that we should save all, I know for sure that it is impossible. Without unlimited and omnipresent power, sacrifices have to be made.

For that those that are still alive to live without being forced to serve tyrants, I must face the wrath of these divines. Perhaps by the end of this, I might either be called a savior… or a demon.

No matter the cost. 

While I first stepped in this world I truly was lost, between both escaping this fate, I truly wished to go back to my world, or at least live alone without being bothered with all of this shit.

Hunting the demon lord or serving the church, remembering those times I could only laugh. Look at how much change happened. We are facing the divine now…

My view was limited, and my objective was vague. But now I fully understand that the divine must fall. Why? Because if they don’t, I will suffer the same fate of those people here.

If I were not to act like this, I would have one day died. And when that day would come, I would be either sent down to the pits of hell or thrown here in the heavenly dungeon, either way, the end result is the same. I will be forced to serve or forced to suffer. There is no difference, it is all the same. A shitty rotten end to any unfortunate soul.

However, if I were to successfully finish my quest, to bring down The Requiem, the whole world will go under the rule of reincarnation. There will be no injustice there. There will be no pain there, those that do good will live a good life, and once they die they will be sent to the reincarnation circle to be revived and live another good life. Those that do bad will be sent to the reincarnation circle to suffer for another life if they didn’t change their ways, then only more suffering will await them. This way people will know and understand, that the way of evil will only Bring bad karma upon oneself. For better or worse, people’s fates will be in their own hands, if they wish to change then so be it. they only have themselves to account for their actions.

“Stand down Angel, you cannot defeat me.” Said Ravana while he was speaking his hands weren’t idle, he crushed and stomped changed a barrage of attacks with hammers swords and glaives.

The archangel could at most parry two attacks and dodge one while the rest would hammer him down like a pest.

There was no way he would survive this ordeal he would be taking more and more damage as time passed.

“I shall not accept this! I am the sword and shield of this place! I will not let anyone pass!”

Cried out the angel as a glow of holy light began to emanate from him.

Another blessing of the father was about to be cast. It would regenerate him to full life and will explode forward dealing a lot of damage to the surrounding.

However, before he could finish the cast.

Ravana crossed two of his hands together and chanted an evil spell… the spell that almost wiped out most of my army that day.


Within a second every single being that was fighting against Ravana, all the angels froze in time.

The spellcasting of Michael was forced to stop while his body froze in time.

A glaive and a giant Warhammer began to glow from its hands and instantly struck down on the archangel. The impact literally shook the whole god damned city as I even feared that it might be crushed and would fall down to the pits of space. It was strong enough that it was able of flattening him to the ground. If he was not strong enough and didn’t have that powerful body, he would have become a past by that strick.

I could only shudder at such a sight, Ravana didn’t even use this while he was fighting me!.

Due to the City of Angels being a flying city it actually bounced down a bit. I even saw that the huge bridge that we came from actually elevating upwards. It was us who were brought down.

The impact was enough to destabilize every one of us. The impact was strong enough that the ground turned to waves! And the buildings collapsed soon after the wave passed by them.

“Such power!” said Vendir! “You defeated this?!” he said

“No! hell no! this guy is fully powered up now! What I fought was a Ravana under the effect of the Seal of hell! Holy shit! If the seal was powerful enough to render this guy to this weakened state I wonder once it is removed… how strong would everyone there would become?”

“Shit… I just hope that they would be strong enough to use their heads and fight the Divine instead of turning against us…” said Haru.

“Don’t worry about that… the grudge between the lower realms and the upper realms is deep, hundreds of thousands of years of enslavements cannot be washed away with mere apologies… they will try to crush them if we give them the chance, hell I might think they will thank us.” I said

“I-impossible” cried out the archangel while coughing huge mouthfuls of blood. The guy was in a shitty state.

“Just die,” said Ravana as another strick came down ending the life of the angel without mercy or wait.


You and your party   have successfully defeated the Boss of the fourth Circle of the heavenly dungeon

All rewards shall be   handed to you once you leave this dungeon.

“Oh thank god that was over.

“Herald… it seems that your goal is to reach the upper realms” said Ravana.

“Yes, it is,” I said

“Do know this. My lady is one of its rulers, I shall aid you in reaching the upper realms but the moment we step there, I shall not be in your debt. I will henceforth follow my lady’s command, even if you had revived me, her words are absolute, if she were to ask for your head I will happily oblige.” Said Ravana as he stood strong amongst the bodies of the angels.

“it's alright,” I said

“What do you mean its alright!” said Vendir “We should probably leave him here and try the rest of the dungeons alone.” Said Vendir

“I don’t think that our strength is enough really… our objective is not the destruction of the divine race, we just need to unlock the seal on Hell and open the gateway. Without Ravana’s help, it will be a very hard task to accomplish. The moment he is pitched in the fray it will be helpful to us to conquering the remaining circle. And once we succeed we will open the gates and let the beasts duke it out. Ravana is indeed strong, but if you had seen the guy trapped in the lowest floor, he won’t amount to an ant trying to nibble on an elephant.”

“You mean Kronos…” Said Vendir

“Yes… the Titan, that guy, is strong, too strong to have ruled over time itself… I don’t really think that the Divine had the ability to seal him, I think that he did that himself or something far stronger forced him to be sealed there… after all, he had the ability to set anyone free from that dungeon, I don’t think that he couldn’t step out of there if he didn’t want to.

“Then let's move forward. We have nothing left to do here…” I said as our party members moved forward without regard to the still falling creatures.

The skeletons that Vendir rose from the dead began to follow while the Rakshasa was behind them.

Their bloodied bodies were a sight to behold, like a horror movie characters following us from behind. One can’t help but shudder at the thought of those creatures following behind us. Hoping that they don’t jump on us anytime soon…

The gate was within the central palace. And Haru made sure to swipe anything the Angele dropped. 

There was a bright sword that was dropped and also a lot of feathers… however we didn’t bother with inspecting the items, none of us had the Holy attribute to use it so it was just pocketed, and the feathers were probably useless for now. And thus we jumped to the fifth circle…