Res can't count
Hey guys, got some news for ya.

As you may know, I intend to take Galebound to print someday. The plan is that every four chapters I'll combine them into one printed volume. Right now we're in the early pages of chapter three, but we're cruising right along and I expect to be well into chapter four by the end of this year...probably. Guesstimations.

In anticipation of getting to the end of chapter four, and therefore prepping for printing. I want to do some hardcore revising. That's where the above trello card comes into play. Originally I intended to redo just the first 100 panels, but then I kept finding panels that are just completely derped and...well, here we are xD

Long story short, I'm going to redo the art for a lot of the older pages.

Will this affect the current update rate? No.

*emphasizing intensifies*

My plan going forward is, in addition to producing pages to push the story forward as normal, I will also be redoing some earlier panels in older pages, with 4-7 panels redone per week, as time allows. (As always, the weekly updates take priority.)

Candidates for redoing include most of the first chapter (since the lineart for the first couple dozen pages was done in pencil rather than digital) and a handful of panels throughout chapter 2 where the art is just ehhhhh. Also lettering. Lettering in some of the earlier pages just plain makes me mad.

I won't be making the redone pages public until this process is completed, because I don't want to have a situation for new readers where pages 1-10 have good art and then wtf is wrong with page 11 where'd the nice art go?? I will, however, be posting them here for the $5+ tiers! Once all the candidate panels are redone, I will switch out the pages on the mirrors with the new ones and link to the old ones for posterity's sake or something.

The idea behind this is I want to make Galebound's art and lettering more consistent for when it goes to print, and to be completely honest I do worry that art on the earlier pages is a bit of a turnoff for new readers? There's just a myriad of issues I want to fix, and this is my way of doing it.

Anyway, thanks for reading and thanks for following me in this hare-brained process! Galespeed! <3