RES: "God Hates Us All: The Religiosity of Heavy Metal Culture"
Who gets the title of “religion”? Even in the modern world, the answer to that question can upend long-held status quos and determine the balance of power. Religious influence affects issues in cultural, political, and economic areas, to name a few. Some of this influence is due to religion having become a title of authenticity that can bestow traditions bearing it significantly more power than their competitors.This perception obscures the complex ways religious behavior occurs in many social spheres, contributes to manufactured inequality, and harms the pluralism of communities. Using the example of heavy metal, we will break down the history of this powerful counterculture and the way it has interacted with mainstream society to illustrate how to recognize religious behavior and show how this behavior can manifest outside of designated “religious spheres”. In doing so, this talk will challenge ideas regarding the relationships of religion, authority, and power in modern western society.   

Download the talk transcript and Powerpoint below.




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