Rescue Position 02
There was that cute guy again. Ashley said she thought The Guy was creepy, but Ryan didn't buy it. The Guy was just quiet and shy; it was obvious by the way he ducked his head and avoided prolonged eye contact. The Guy was maybe a bit weird in the way he was always wearing a red sweatshirt with the hood up, but maybe it didn't have to be a permanent thing. Ryan could imagine taking control of The Guy's wardrobe and culling out some of the worst fashion offenders. He had a good idea of what might look good on The Guy. "Hey love boat, get back to work," Ashley leaned close to say. Her breath smelled like the bubblegum she was always chewing; it had kept her from being a cashier. "I'm working." He rattled the price gun in his hand meaningfully. "Hardly. You're staring at that creepy guy again." "He's not creepy!" Ryan hung his head when she laughed at him. "I am pathetic." "You really are," she said. Ryan looked across the store toward the deli area where The Guy was filling a cup with pink lemonade from the big machine. He looked a hot mess, just a bit of the fixer-upper. Ryan could only see The Guy's face in profile when he turned his head, but it left his eyes hungry for more. He wished he was closer to the deli so he could see The Guy better. "I'm going up to the front to grab a cart. We can start gathering stuff for the Big Event." She scoffed. "I've known you forever. You're going up there to ogle that guy in the check stand. Don't try to deny it." He didn't respond, just walked away backward a few steps with a wide grin on his face. She shook her head. Ryan let his sneakers squeak against the linoleum a couple of times as he went toward the cart return. He kept half an eye turned toward The Guy the whole way. He lingered by the carts as The Guy paid for his lemonade with a fold creased dollar bill. As a reward, The Guy have him a smile as he passed by. Ryan traced that back all the way out the door: black backpack, red sweatshirt, black jeans, and a pair of dark red suede sneakers. He would be able to recognize that silhouette in a lineup. He grabbed a shopping cart with a sigh and wheeled it toward Aisle 2 where he'd left Ashley. He ignored her mocking look and said, "Let's get this done. I want to get home at a reasonable time tonight." "I've got a TV dinner in my future, but I do want out of here. Maybe if I don't have any junk food for the rest of today I can get a gas station chimichanga on the way home." Ryan grabbed a box of cake mix off the shelf and set it in the cart. "You are horrifyingly disgusting in your eating habits. I bet you'd eat gas station sushi." "If it looked good enough," she cracked. "It would practically be a gourmet death." "Whatever." He relaxed a little with the thought that he'd distracted her from The Guy. The last thing he needed was to be mocked all day about his hopeless crush. He didn't even know The Guy's name.
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