{Research} Redesigning Wheatley
Since the rebranding is slowly happening, it was about time to update the old Test Card B considering it's iconic of my brand. The art on it is outdated, the card itself needs to be redesigned, and most of all it has a copyrighted character on it: Mini-Father.

The BRB studio is based around our study, which is why I'm the Continuity Announcer (the face, the voice, the schedule) & Will's the Studio Manager (keeping the place clean, physical setup, keeping my creaky joints fresh). So when it comes to the mascot to replace Mini-Father, the obvious option is the third in the family: Wheatley, our cat.

In the original draft, Wheatley was simply going to be himself: fluffy, slightly annoyed, and a little up himself. But on the second draft I realized he didn't fit in with the scene: I look terrified, I have ball-joints and a button eye and it's all quite unsettling, and then there's just a regular cat sitting there. So I decided, let's keep the puppet-esque made aspect of Mini-Father and go for a vintage toy to match the clown in the original Test Card F.

What we have above is my design research:

Illustrations are just a basic 'how people shape cats'; there are so many ways to draw cats and I unfortunately haven't pinned mine yet, so I have to heavily research into ways of drawing them. Although I want the teddy to be kind of creepy, I'd also like it to be a mascot, something marketable.

Plushies are for the marketing side mostly. Obviously for design I'm basing it on the Vintage models- something old, badly made, and loved- but I'm also considering putting a modern cute/Japanese spin on it too; mochi cats, Pusheen, and the like. Mixing cute and creepy has always been my jam, so it would certainly fit in with the rest of the brand.

The Vintage Plushies are super interesting to me, because they look really creepy most of the time. Old children's toys are so uncanny valley and I've never pinned why, but they feel as if they're watching you, possessed... That's exactly what I want for this Wheatley plush.

So now I hop onto the actual design phase, where I put all this visual research into good use and produce a nice page of concepts that you lovely patrons can see in the future. ♥