RESHOOT on A1200 real machine - yes it runs!
Sorry for not posting anything the past weeks. Was busy trying to finish working on the game engine and trying to squeeze all planned features into tiny 2 MB of RAM. I´m a little proud that today, for the first time, the game ran on an unexpanded Amiga A1200 with all bells and whistles turned on. 

This means: By now RESHOOT is introducing itself with an startscreen in glorious HAM8-mode, which leads to a titlescreen and then runs a gameloop. Music is pumping,  bullets are raining, animations are drawn in full  60-Hz-framerate and scrolling looks silky smooth with 35ns pixel resolution that only a real Amiga 1200 can cope with – sorry emulator guys: On FS-UAE and all other emulators RESHOOT still looks the part, but the real shine can only be experienced on real hardware! 

So by now a lot of the hard assembler engine development work is done. On to designing some real inspirational attack waves!