Resin Casting - I LOVE IT!
This is my FIRST EVER resin art toy. Through my work and growing interest in Art Dolls, I discovered the wide and vast world of Designer Toys! The two worlds really can overlap for me, I think this could be an Art Doll just as much as an Art Toy - I think it just depends on who I am talking to or the world my Patrons might be coming from! Designer Toys  are toys and collectibles, usually made for adults despite their names, by artists and designers in a wide range of materials (resin, clay, vinyl, etc.).  If you have thoughts or experiences in distinguishing the two (Art Dolls vs Art Toys), I would love to hear more in the comments!

In the pictures above I have my original sculpt, created out of polymer clay (far left),  which I used to create a silicone mold. After I create the silicone mold, I create a cast using resin (a type of dense, easily molded plastic). The far right is the finished product after sculpting, molding, casting, priming, painting and varnishing! Whew!

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