Resin Monobear Frames -Pin/Hairpin-
These are going to be available as a pin or hairpiece, and am working on a keychain version as well! 

The Junko one didn’t come out as good as I want it to be. But wanted to show it so you guys will have an idea of what’s to come and the choices you might get in customizing a piece to your liking. :D

I have another Junko one that came out way better, the picture is different but it definitely looks a lot better than the one pictured here. So working on finishing that one off and then will prob make some more!

I originally made the frame with clay, then made a mold of it. Afterwards I poured resin in it and you see the final result here! I’m quite proud of this, I made the little frame with no idea of what to do with it, and I gotta say, quite happy with what I turned it into!

One available to qualifying patrons for lack of work the last couple of months! If you want it of course! If not I will offer other things! :)