On Feb 25, two of my very dearest and most brilliant friends(Matthew and Christina) and I are doing another marathon art project to help raise $10,000 for nonprofits helping refugees and low income immigrants in NYC(the National Immigration Law Center and International Rescue Committee). You can find out more about the project at resistancecranes.com.

I'll be talking more about it in the coming days! The custom origami paper that I designed is inspired by well travelled immigrant kitchens, like the ones I've been lucky to grow up in.

We'll be folding 1000 paper cranes in 24 hours, and livestreaming the entire thing(we'll probably get really loopy...it'll be fun!).

You can help us by:

1. Spreading the word! We're using the hashtag #resistancecranes

2. Buying a limited edition crane! They're $10 each, and feature custom origami paper I designed. Also, we have to try and sell 1000 of them(all the money goes directly to the non-profits!). 

3. Tuning into our livestream on February 25th to cheer us on.