#ResistanceLive 11.22.2017
I'm a little fiery today. You've been warned.

Today's topics:

*net neutrality and how to fight the FCC's attempted roll-back in several ways

*Schneiderman's investigation into the padding of the FCC's public comments on net neutrality, and what to expect going forward

*Rachel's report on the prospective US Census head for 2020, and why it matters so much

*the latest on Kushner, and a brief review of the pardon power vis-a-vis Junior and Kushner 

*and lastly, some fire and demand on why #metoo matters, on why we MUST NOT BE SILENCED, and why we MUST NOT SETTLE for less than all we are entitled to as human beings in our justice, our representation and our future

Happy Thanksgiving to all from our team to you.