#ResistanceLive 02.21.2018
Today's topics:
*Thirteen indictments, and what they mean
*The Alex van der Zwall plea, and the strange, rare, accompanying public quote from senior Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissman
*Gates flipping on Manafort, and what that means for the Mueller investigation as a whole
*The judge's order for the FBI to release exculpatory evidence to Flynn's team, and why it's a big nothing burger
*Resistance actions against the NRA, including some new tools, and how to take action to support the Parkland kids
*Security clearances, and why Jared isn't losing his any time soon
*And lastly, a request that you share this broadcast! Our migration from my personal page is ongoing and some of our past listeners can't find us! Be sure to tag this public profile page (not my personal page) when sharing


Also! Fundraising continues for The Alexis P. Morgan Fellowship for Emerging Voices of Color! Fundraising is open until 3/15. Support this effort here: https://www.gofundme.com/the-alexis-p-morgan-fellowship

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