#ResistJam Freebie
Hi all. Still working away at some larger projects. But in between, I've been keeping myself sharp with some game jams. Please enjoy this little piece I've crafted for the ResistJam , and let me know if you're enjoying these smaller releases in between the bigger games.

Since we did have a small release before, this is gonna be a freebie too. Just a little gift for you all.

Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per game
Pledge $0.01 or more per game
Patrons Only
The Basics
$1 or more per game 1 patron
All Patrons receive my undying gratitude, and access to Patrons only section, where I post teasers, mixtapes and behind the scenes tidbits.
No Train Tracks
$2 or more per game 6 patrons
Going above the minimum gets you the additional promise that I will never, ever tie you to a train track. For real. No trains.
In the Credits
$5 or more per game 8 patrons
Paying $5 or more means that you gets your name added to the credits for the next game release.
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