Resizing the hardcover of Do: Fate of the Flying Temple
Hello All!

Aside from my Card at Work videos available for the general public, I've been recording more of my real-world process as I work through various design problems with actual projects.  This time the session was short enough and the project simple enough that I thought it would be a good example of a typical recording.

I has to resize the cover of Do: Fate of the Flying Temple to new hardcover specs. However, the current dimensions were waaay different than the new dimensions provided by the printer. This video covers a few different photoshop techniques to make the new size as seamless  as possible without losing any resolution.

- Layer Effects

- Gradient Layer Masks

- Layer Groups with Layer Effects

That's just this session. The other videos go into more detail about advanced InDesign techniques for even more real-world projects.  The entire archive of real-time sessions are available to all $10+ patrons.

I hope you find them useful! Please share freely! Thanks so much!