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  • Version: R15, R16, R17, R18, R19, R20
  • Package: Studio, Broadcast, Prime, Visualize 

Version 0.7 Release Notes

  • Automatic Conversion(ReSpline Geometry): Starting from version 0.7 Respline breaks the gap between Splines and Polygonal objects by introducing the new automatic conversion feature which converts any object into a spline. Due to this, Spline Edges generator will no longer be required for converting purposes since all Respline objects will convert any geometry into splines, but you can still use Spline Edges generator for defining Phong angle and other geometry features.
  • Added Automatic Conversion for Fillet Generator.
  • Added Automatic Conversion for Chamfer Generator. 
  • Added Automatic Conversion for Trim Generator. 
  • Added Automatic Conversion for Resample Generator. 
  • Added Automatic Conversion for Post Process Generator. 
  • Added Automatic Conversion for Outline Generator. Outline algorithm is different for standard splines and polygonal objects converted to a spline object.
  • Fixed a rare crash on Trim Generator
  • Fixed several critical issues related to the Resample Generator.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

  • Edge Splines: This generator turns edges of its child object into parametric splines, based on 3 different options. 
  • Use All Edges: Edges will be converted into splines, regardless of their angle.
  • Use Phong Tag: Uses Phong Angle value of Phong tag.
  • Override Phong Tag: Enables the Phong Angle slider, which overrides Phong Tag.

  • Fillet: Creates round corners.

  • Chamfer: Creates hard corners.

  •  Outline: Creates an outline based on its child object's normals.

  • Outline distance is not limited which allows exaggerating values for achieving artistic results.

  • Resample: This generator redistributes spline points based on two different options. 
  • Length:  Defines the interval between the spline points.
  • Count: Defines an exact number of distributed points.

  • Resample Count modes can be used to define the same the same number of points for two different spline objects, in order to clearly morph their shapes.

  • Post Process: This generator takes advantages of C4D's powerful spline processing algorithms and parametrically applys to any kind of object.

  • Trim: This generator limits spline object from its start and from its end.
  • Offset: Moves spline segments.

  •  Animation Speed: Defines the speed of automatic movement.  

  • The trim offset is performed based on points interval. By default, spline points aren't evenly distributed which results in flickering artefacts. It is recommended to optimize spline objects by utilizing the Resample Generator with the Length mode set to 1-10.

  •  Upcoming Feature 1: Spline Mesher will turn any spline into geometry without using any profile spline in the hierarchy. 

  • Upcoming Feature 2: Slice generator will parametrically slice objects 

  • Latest version is 0.7
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