Response to Patreon's Fee Change
***Going to apologize in advance for the wall of text, this post is to help share information about the policy, my thoughts on it, and options available to support FE outside of Patreon.***

If you're not aware yet, later this month Patreon is making a change to how they're processing fees for pledges - from being deducted from the creator's payout to an additional charge on the pledge itself. If you want to read into more details about this topic, Natalie Luhrs has written a article explaining how this change will have a negative affect, and Patreon has issued a statement why this is a positive change, with an updated response to criticism. (I strongly recommend reading them both)

Held back on commenting this week, because I wanted to review everyone's arguments, concerns, and rebuttals while forming my thoughts. Do I believe this change is being made to alter pledging behavior on Patreon? Yes. Do I believe it's a greedy cash grab from a corporate monster? No. Do I agree with this policy change? Definitely not. 

I mean, it's naive to think Patreon doesn't care about making more money. But looking at all the recent changes to this website, I don't think 'get all the money' is their end game. I believe their goal is 'get all the creators.' To have setting up a Patreon campaign as standard a practice as setting up a website or social media account. Several changes they've made to Patreon (the interface updates, the brand saturation, the charge up-front update you can't reverse once made) are all building a reputation among creators that a Patreon campaign will be most accessible, highest paying, most reliable source of income.

However, this most recent fee change is not one I agree with, and doesn't reflect the community of the website I know. When Patreon is explaining and defending their policy change, it seems to be in a 'big picture' kind of dialogue, where a creator is on one side and their patrons on the other. But several creators are also patrons of other projects, several patrons support multiple campaigns. And for me personally, I love sharing and interacting with patrons and creators alike. I wish Patreon would at least acknowledge how difficult it is to see awesome folks you've built a community with struggle with this mandatory update, some even having to leave because of it.

Despite being against this policy change, I will be keeping this campaign open. Right now, it's my biggest source of income to keep FE going and get projects off the ground. But I will be contacting Patreon's staff to voice my opinion against this policy change, (everyone who disagrees with this change should.) For those of you who can't stay on Patreon because of this policy, I completely understand. If you would like to keep supporting FE outside of Patreon, there is a Paypal donation option on the main site, and I'm happy to keep providing patron rewards for those who do choose to donate there instead.

Thanks for reading through these thoughts and rants, if you have further questions or concerns please send me a message. You are all awesome people.

EDIT: Looks like there's now a petition against this policy, at this point they're over 7,000 signatures and working towards a 10,000 goal. Worth checking out!

Also, it seems some creators are preparing to lower their tier amounts so the fees added will make the patron's charge similar to their original pledge. This seems like the best compromise, I'm researching more into it.

EDIT II: Looks like Patreon will NOT BE DOING THE FEE CHANGE.

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