Responsiblity and Choices
Motivation sometimes is hard--especially on days you wake up with a migraine. Ugh. But as an adult, you get two choices--give in or go on. I prefer go on. I wish more people would make that choice. As a coach (regardless of level), trying to get young people to accept self-responsibility is rough. If something happens that they don't like--it's immediately someone else's fault or else they think there's an instant solution available from a coach. And the thing is--there's not. I don't remember it being like that when I started coaching 20+ years ago. That's not said as 'grouchy old man'. What's changed? Or was it just a special group at OSU 20 years ago? Was I lucky to then get a good group at Satan's School for Boys and Girls...because that was a good eight year run with only a couple bad apples. It isn't because I am 'just' at a two-year school. Top D-1 teams have kids transferring willy-nilly (in all sports actually). No, I think the problem is parenting--children are given so much without having to work for it. They grow to expect that things will be given to them for free--that if they ask Mom for intervention, she'll fix everything. Heck, even my wife's had to go through this as a college professor and students' parents calling, demanding she change grades. A great complaint she got from a student a while back: "I don't see why I have to have this correct, it's not like this is a grad school class." Bwah!!! As a coach, you get the usual complaints...need harder practices--no, need easier practices; you need to play the best players--unless I'm not one of the best players, in which case you need to play everyone; help me with a teacher I'm struggling with--which morphs into "It's my business, so Coach why are you always nosing in". I won't lie--it's tiring to deal with it, especially because life has a bunch of other options. The beauty of writing is I create the characters--the good guys, the motivations, the land. I don't have to worry about others interfering with the way things need to be. So the big thing is trying to get supporters here, slow and steady wins the race. If you read this, it'd be a help if you pledged--even a penny/chapter. Or if you pass the Patreon page on to others interested in writing--that'd be appreciated, too.
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