Rest in peace B.B. King
I'm not the biggest blues fan. That is to say, that I rarely just crave traditional blues music. However, as a guitarist, be it rock or jazz, the blues is present in almost every solo I play. Inevitably, the moments when I feel "connected" to my guitar during a solo, are the moments when I am using blues techniques or sounds. When B.B. King died, I was surprised to see some of my musical friends dissing him and his music, especially the later output. To me B. B. King will always stand as the ambassador to the Blues. His playing was insanely melodic. Beyond that, I dare anyone to try to sing like the young B.B. King. You will fail. In the end, as an ambassador of the blues, King represented a musical tradition. The blues tradition went on to become rock, jazz and country... and that list went on to become pretty much 70 - 80% of the Western music that exists today. I've said it before, and I will say it again: Saying you love rock or jazz but hate the blues, is like saying you love your house, but hate wood. RIP B. B. King The camera died at the end of this video. :(