The Rest of the Time of 2014
First, thank you for making it possible to continue to be online.

I was going to say that two days ago, along with most of this post, but I ran into a bit of a setback.  It was actually an added frustration other frustrations.  I had finished updating and proofreading the remaining temporal anomalies articles from 2014, and decided that I should just finish up with the Temporal Anomalies Index 2104, when I realized that I had not done the Temporal Anomalies Index 2013; so I turned my attention to that, and then I was ready to go.  So I uploaded those plus (Some of) The Best Time Travel Romance Movies, the Flight of the Navigator Addendum with the alternate solution, Upcoming Time Travel Films, from December 2014, and the analysis of the film that bridged us into this year, Mr. Peabody & Sherman.  Then I came here and started to write this post.  To be certain I had the correct links, I opened the pages.

That is, I attempted to open the pages.  They did not open.  I got an error message, something on the order of that there was insufficient something or other to process that command, every page I attempted to open.  That was the evening of the 3rd.

Well, I tried several things.  I scanned all the website files on my hard drive for viruses; they came up clean.  I replaced all the files in those directories in which I had made changes.  I scanned my entire computer, and clean-upped and defragmented both drives, in case it was at my end.  Finally, after putting a couple fruitless days into the effort, I sent a note to the tech support at the hosting company.

To their credit, they had it repaired in a few hours.  I don't know if they're going to tell me what the problem was, but it's not now a problem.  As long as I am commending them, let me identify them:  they are known as Readyhosting.

I have already begun working on the 2014 political materials, some of which have already been included in collection pieces already uploaded.  I'll get those up as quickly as I can; I want to have the intellectual property stuff republished because I've got an idea for a post on the subject of copyrights which I think is at least interesting.

Thank you again.