Restless94i - DohnBTha (Raw)
Another in the Trap genre. This track is not all that as it is now, but will serve as a terrific foundation for some extra instruments and voice come the spring.

For the video, I pulled the B-movie, I Love Trouble, a detective actioner that features several chase scenes amongst the oil derricks of an LA in the very early days as well as a fascinating (to me, especially) diner on the beach--with a full apartment in the back!

There's really only one clue as to where this diner really used to be: the scene of our hero walking away from the diner to the pay phone. You can see a street sign that says "Pacific" that makes an L-turn, and further up the street a building with a sign on the side.

I'd love to know where Buffin's Buffet was and what became of it.