Restless94i - Ron y cocacola
This is the fourth of the six last songs I'm creating for my 8-volume Hummingbird Masters album releases. 

It is a reggaeton tune, a genre of music that just started in the 2000s in Puerto Rico, and was a mix of Reggae from Jamaica and Bachata from Dominican Republic. But it quickly became a popular music style all its own and, if you listen to this track, you will see why that is. 

I love bachata, and I plan on doing more songs in that style. I love reggae, but not that much. I love reggaeton though. And this is one of my original entries in that genre.

Given the recent damage to Puerto Rico, I put some footage of that into the video. I hear it's a beautiful island, with a ton of poverty. I met a lot of Puerto Riqueños (borinqueños) when I lived in NYC. They come here because it's pretty harsh to live there. Unless you have the money!