Restroom and Petting Station
If you have cats, you know the drill. Sitting down? Hands aren't busy? What on earth are you even doing with your life, if you're not petting the cat?

Cats make me feel right at home with their utter indifference to things like modesty and decorum. And it's nice to have some furry company during bathroom time.   😀  

Want to make your own version of this comic? $5/month patrons can download a black-and-white version of this comic here...have at, and let me see what you do!

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[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A one panel comic showing a smiling woman sitting on the toilet through an open door. She has a long braid, and her jeans bunched up around her ankles over red sneakers. The woman is leaning over to pet an orange and white tabby cat, who is leaning in to her touch and looking blissed out. On the wall in the background is a framed picture of two kittens attacking a tossed roll of toilet paper. On the door is a sign that says Restroom and Petting Station, with the standard bathroom symbols for all gender use and accessibility, along with a matching symbol of a cat. The caption for the comic reads, "Idle hands do the kitty's work."]