Restructuring tiers
Hey all! I’ve been looking at my tiers recently and I am not currently happy with it, so I’m going to sit down and restructure! Don’t worry I’m not increasing any money on any tiers! If anything I’m going to be adding to what tiers have and lower prices! So I’m super excited! If you all have any suggestions please let me know! I want this to be the best experience it can be for everyone! 
Tier Benefits
$1 or more per month
Access to Patreon feed!

Also thank you so much for your support! It may not seem like a lot but it means the world to me!

-Access to Patreon only Snapchat

$3 or more per month
Monthly fan signs! I will create a fan sign just for you monthly. I will pick a cosplay monthly, maybe an older one or one I am shooting for the month and create a custom fan sign just for you in the cosplay for the month!

- Also includes access to Patron only Facebook group

- If you'd like I can follow you on instagram or twitter! just make sure to message me your handle

$10 or more per month
In addition to all the above rewards you will get:

- Access to ALL cosplay images posted for your viewing, days before they are posted on any other social media

- I ask for input and suggestions here before any other site

- Access to all the selfies and other photos I don’t normally share on other social media

- Access to video/photo blogs, progress videos/photos and BTS videos/photos

- Access to Patreon only Discord 

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