THE RESULTS ARE IN: silver medalist in the national poetry slam championships
Last night, I competed in the finals of the Swedish National Poetry Slam Championships. After three rounds and some serious blood, sweat and tears, I came second in the country (0,1 points behind the winner - the absolutely fantastic  and entirely deserving Josefin Karlsson).

Some people have requested a live stream of the finals or some way to see it. In the absence of that and before the live videos from the championships go up through the championship channels (I'll keep you posted!), I thought I'd give you a YouTube tour of the night. That way, wherever you were last night, you can get a feel for what the night was like (from me side of the experience).

In the first round (of 8 absolutely amazing poets), I was the highest scoring. The atmosphere was electric and the support enormous. The poets were all truly fantastic. And I did my poem Manifesto /Art For Art's Sake (crowdfunded video available HERE )

In the second round (consisting of the 4 highest scoring), the immediate nervousness and panic of competing had subsided and I had a blast doing When Did You Realise (good ol' youtube video available HERE ).

In the final round, competing with the wonderful winner Josefin Karlsson, I went all-out with my poem Worthless (video right HERE ).  The response was wonderful. The night wore on into dancing and talking and 4 am plans for the future of spoken word. And it was everything I had hoped it would be.

After four days at the championships, I am back in Stockholm; exhausted, sleep deprived, happy and massively excited for the future of spoken word. I have met wonderful people, seen wonderful poems, and made some very exciting collaborative plans for the future. This is a beautiful community to be part of. Thank you for supporting it by reading this, by sharing videos, and coming to shows.

You are all beautiful.

Now: Food. Sleep. Happiness. In some order or other.

Love and solidarity,