Resuming with Patreon activities


Hello Patrons!  

Apologies for the long silence, but we're finally finished with PROMARE!! We'll be resuming our regular activities on Patreon starting this week.  

I'd like to kick it off with some updates and plans for the upcoming weeks!

Since we're finished with PROMARE, we're hoping to conduct a live drawing with PROMARE's character (by our main staffs) sometime in the near future! We are currently awaiting for the executive approval to use their characters during our stream... We will follow up with a more detailed update once we have the clearance.

We have a set date our next live drawing stream! Our guest animator will be Kazuki Chiba and the stream is planned to be on May 28th 19:00 (JST). A voting poll will be provided as usual shortly after this post.

*A quick reference of Chiba's illustration.

This month's shikishi will also be the first batch that will be available to be purchased! For those who are interested, the shikishi's are expected to be revealed the first week of June.   

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