Rethinking the Black Blob in the Sky!

Okay… So, this is it!

I’m sure you have heard, thought and seen a lot about Black Holes. But I’m here to make you rethink all of that!

But first, I want you to leave behind all of the stuff that you carry around in your head concerning black holes!

So, lets start off with a little story involving me, a clumsy cat and a little rat…

And yeah, don’t forget, all three of us are Immortals! Now, come on! we are dealing with a black hole! And keep that in your Mind.

Lets say, I’m standing very far away from a black hole and the cat is orbiting the black hole. He’s close, but not that close. Don’t worry!

Now, here’s a fact-

Events that happen at a normal rate as far as the cat is concerned will happen in slow motion according to me. A day for him might be months for me. This is what scientists call Gravitational Time Dilation (Pretty fancy name!).

Now suppose that I send my little rat tumbling into the black hole. As he tumbles on, I see his rotational rate become more slow motion but I also see him pick up translational speed (just as if I were to see him falling towards the Earth). That is all until he gets really close to the black hole. Eventually, the rat will cross the black hole’s edge, without him noticing anything unusual…

…But that’s not what I see. I see him weirdly slow down his progress until he is floating right outside the black hole’s edge!

At a certain point I see him suspended…

Not rotating…

Not progressing…

Just frozen!

And the cat agrees with me. So, would any observer- inertial or otherwise who is always outside the black hole’s edge. All of us would agree, that the rat’s life just doesn’t progress past this frozen moment.

The rat knows that he crossed the edge. I mean HE WAS THERE. But everyone else insisted he never does! Even after an infinite amount of time on any of our clocks.

Do you see how spooky this is?

The rat is saying that certain events happen.

But everyone outside the black hole say that those events NEVER happen!

In other words, there are apparently, EVENTS, that according to me and the cat cannot be consistently assigned a WHEN, from our frame of reference outside the black hole. Those events just don’t occur!

You got that? So, what do we learn from all this?

A Black Hole is that set of events, according to observers like the rat, who are at those events…

…those events take place at spacial locations inside that black blob we see in the sky.

But the blob, the black hole, is not just a set of locations! It’s all the events that ever or will ever take place there according to observers, who are physically there!

It’s not just a visibility issue…

Instead the black hole is the collection of happenings that we say don’t happen at all!

And how do you explain that black blob lurking in the sky? It is just how it ends up looking like!

Stay tuned for more cool stuff!