Retirement Announcement and the future of this Patreon

Now that I have 200 plugins up and released, I think it's time I commit to my retirement announcement that I've made a while back. Quite frankly, with the most recent events, I'm sad that it's going to end this way, but I'd rather not dwell on that. I'll be leaving RPG Maker and its community after this. After all, I don't intend to linger around if I'm no longer contributing to it.

However, there's a few things I'd like to talk about before I leave.

I want to first bring up that while I know I've stated to keep most opinions away from the verbal post and such and keep them inside the original post, many of you were probably worried that I did not read them as I did not respond. I don't want to give excuses, but due to the amount of work I had in discussing plans for the future and fixing up 200 plugins worth of pages, there was little time for me to provide adequate responses.

Until now.

There are three main topics of concern and I'll address them here.


Q1. Why would you paywall just because the actions of one thief?

A1. Strange as it may sound, it's not because of the thief. Had it been due to theft, the paywalling would have happened multiple times over. Instead, it was due to some of the principles at stake upon the latest theft incident. I won't go into details here since it's now a thing of the past, but I will admit that as much as you are disappointed with my decision to paywall after such an incident, I am just as disappointed in myself for not being able to power through it the best I can.


Q2. If an individual already owns the plugins before the paywall, can that individual keep them? And how can old users be distinguished from new users?

A2. Any individual that already owns the plugins prior to the paywall are free to keep and use them provided that follow the new ToS regarding redistribution. There is no way to distinguish old users from new users. All I can do is just believe in whatever honor people have left.


Q3. The original mission statement of the Patreon wildly contradicts with the actions being done here to paywall the plugins. What do you intend to do about this?

A3. Very good question. In fact, this kind of thing was already in my head from the start and I've already begun making plans for it. Here's what's going to happen.


This Patreon's tier lists will be all wiped clean except for a $5 tier. Those who pledge to the $5 tier will gain access to the YEP Library's Full Collection. There will be no more sample projects, debuggers, etc. and I'm sorry to any of you individuals out there who looked forward to them.

Furthermore, the mission statement of the Patreon will be changed. I will state it, but also explain what's been happening lately.

I've been spending the past week to wait for Archeia to settle back down from her flight, her flu, and her jetlag to conduct some business. This business involves setting up a new PayPal account accessible to her. There were some difficulties along the way which prolonged the process (namely, due to us being in two different countries and triggering the fraud alert). What are we going to do with this PayPal?

Well, any post-tax earnings from this Patreon for the past 4 years and going forward will be wired to that PayPal account. This will also include any of the earnings made from the Yanfly Engine Plugins shop on The funds, however, will only be used to hire proficient coders to support the current YEP library (under certain conditions) and to create a new plugin library in the event a new RPG Maker is released.

The plugins that those coders, hired by Archeia, produces must adhere to the following: there MUST be free versions of the plugins available to the public containing core essential RPG mechanics. Luxuries and fluff (decided by them) are allowed to be placed behind a monetization option if so wish, BUT only if that profit gained by those created plugins will be reused in some way, shape, or form back into the betterment of RPG Maker itself. This does not necessarily have to be in the form of plugins as it will be their call.

The above will be the new mission statement for this Patreon going forward.

In the event that I catch Archeia misusing the funds generated by this Patreon, its patrons, and the YEP shop, I will revoke access to the PayPal account and employ someone else whom I deem trustworthy. However, in my opinion, there is no other person I trust more with the future of the RPG Maker community than Archeia herself.

All of this is because I simply no longer wish to produce anything for RPG Maker nor its community anymore.

But all the same, I cannot deny my roots:

I am a game dev.

The money spent on this Patreon were from other game devs. Therefore, the money will be reinvested back into game devs as well.


Even if I'm no longer here, I wish for the future of RPG Maker to remain bright for all.

See you all later.

Happy RPG Making!


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