Retouching competition
I'm looking to do a friendly competition. I'm giving out the DNG file for this portrait. I'm looking for everyone and anyone that would like to participate to edit this shot the best you possibly can. I'm going to post this file here and the faster you download it the faster you can start. Since I know we are all very busy, I'll give you one full week to retouch the image! 

 Competition will end next Friday at 10am. Voting will then start. Winner of the competition will have their choice of... 

 One month free critique worth $25 dollars. 


 $25 dollars worth of photoshop photography action. Please sign in or create an account to follow my Patreon feed. 

 It's a small competition! It's supposed to be fun! So let's get to it and have fun! Please ask questions of you need! 

 Talk to you soon