Retro Pals 2016 Purchases + Upgrade Path

Ahoy, Retro Pals patrons! Danny here. Now that we've finished up our tax returns, I thought I'd give you all a quick recap of the new hardware and equipment we've purchased over the last year, to give you an idea of how your money is being spent. It's disclosure time!

(I can't overstate this part: we wouldn't have been able to afford ANY of this stuff without your help. Thank you all for your support!)

A Framemeister. Holy crap, we have a Framemeister now. This had a HUGE impact on video quality, as you might imagine. PGA Tour Golf 96 was the first episode of PlayStation Year One filmed entirely using original console hardware with RGB output, and all episodes from now on will benefit from the boost in quality. Extra special thanks to iast for making this possible!

A Blue Yeti USB microphone. We had a pretty basic audio setup before we bought this wonderful thing midway through 2016, and the upgrade in voiceover quality was immediate and obvious. Listen to the first few episodes of PlayStation Year One compared to our latest stuff and you can definitely tell the difference.

A microphone stand, a boom scissor arm stand, and a pop filter. Before we bought these, we recorded our streams using a cheap USB microphone balanced on top of a pile of cardboard boxes. No, for real. Our current setup is way more versatile and less...improvised.

Various cables, splitters, converters, extension cords, and so on. Many, many cables and bits of supplementary hardware make our videos and streams possible. Thank you, cables.

New consoles and games. We've featured a bunch of these on our stream already, but we've still got some surprises in store. We're currently assembling a collection of games for a VERY short-lived console from the early 2000s, and we'll stream the whole set once we can track down the handful of releases we're still missing (they're hard to find but not expensive).

Your support will also fund future purchases throughout 2017! Here's our current upgrade path:

- A new graphics card (and PC power supply). This will improve stream quality and rendering time for new videos, among many other things. More PC upgrades will follow, but this is our current top priority.

- RGB cables. We need one for each system, and we're prioritizing our purchases based on how often we'll use them. We currently have RGB cables for the PS1 and Sega Genesis. Next we need cables for Sega Saturn, SNES, and TurboDuo, because we'll soon have...

- An RGB-capable TurboDuo. Friend of the show lenocinor VERY generously donated his console (thank you!!), and we want to get it repaired and add RGB output for future streams. Seriously, there are SO MANY PC Engine CD-ROM games we need to cover. A whole new world of weirdness awaits us.

- An audio mixer and condenser microphone. Our current audio quality is decent, but we can do better. We'll start with some basic mixing equipment and a better mic.

- Improved capture hardware. Once we upgrade our computer setup, we'll need new capture hardware for faster framerates and better performance during streams. Dare we dream of 60 frames-per-second episodes of PlayStation Year One?!

- An Analogue Nt Mini. It's sold as a luxury item for NES fanatics, but the FPGA features and expanded console support introduced in recent firmware updates make it an ideal replacement for our current Wii/Raspberry Pi emulation boxes. This isn't a high priority at the moment, but it would be SUPER nice to have for streams where we cover entire console libraries, like our recent SG-1000 overview.

And that about does it! Thanks once again for your support, and we're looking forward to becoming bigger, badder, and better in 2017 with your help!