Retro Superplex 113 - Eric Young Has Weird Nipples

The guys talk a little about the passing of Tom Petty, as AJ Kirsch said hopefully he ran down that dream. Talk leads to the Young Bucks and their trolling WWE to glorious effect, not unlike when DX showed up at a Nitro show that one time back in the 90’s. Also Kalisto finally got signed to 205 Live in a move that probably saved his WWE career. Then Martin’s NERD RAGE kicks in when Anita Sarkeesian decided to do a video on one of his favorite movies, Blade Runner, right ahead of the sequel being released. Mainly he’s just disappointed that it’s a lousy video but please judge for yourself. Also, so Nintendo managed to not fuck up two hardware releases in a row and it sounds like the SNES Mini is a pretty neat little piece of kit, a great improvement over the NES Classic. Also you SNES might explode if you play Street Fighter 2 on it!


Justin – Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island which is on the new SNES Classic or, like, on cartridges for your old SNES.

Martin – The Alchemist’s Cookbook which you can stream on Amazon Prime Video and Shudder

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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