RetroBlade Page 50
Ever wondered how the love-child of Chun-Li and Edmond Honda might look? Yeah, that last panel comes quite close, a morbid kind of way...

Page 50, guys! That's a pretty cool milestone :D I should've made something to celebrate, but I literally only just realised we'd got to that number of pages already. Wow. I'll have a think.

Hope you enjoy it! <3

*EDIT* I've decided to make early pages available to Patrons supporting the $1 tier!

For $2+ tier Patrons, I'll be adding extras, like linework, concept art, old scripts, and more planning and behind the scenes stuff! (Basically, anything I feel like sharing XD).

Hopefully this will be of interest, you get to see some of the process and madness.

Thank you ALL for supporting! The reward tiers on this page will be updated with this new info very soon. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about these changes. I wanted to reward all Patrons, including the bottom tier ones, and I think this benefits everyone :)

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