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Retrocovered. Revised. Revisited. Re-recorded. Re2rocovered.
What's up, Patrons?

I wanna tell you about Retrocovered. Many moons ago, I released my first album, The Midnight Chiptunes, which is now free on my Bandcamp thanks to you! While working on that, I was aimlessly working on more assorted pop and VGM covers with a singular goal: to tribute songs near and dear. A year later, I realised I had 13 tracks. In celebration (and also preparation for an event), I released Retrocovered.

Five years later brings us to now. I've wanted to get Retrocovered onto new platforms like iTunes and Spotify for awhile. There were a few issues that I really wanted to fix first though... for example, the Commodore 64 tracks were louder than the NES ones. Also, some unintentional post-recording filtering occurred. Anyway, now I've fixed all that and more. Retrocovered has been updated and re-recorded, and I decided to bestow a new name on it: Re2rocovered.

Because of the way I updated it and also how Bandcamp works, you can just visit the old (or new) album page, and you will be able to access all of the same tracks as as usual. If you already own the album and you download and store locally, just make sure you're logged into bandcamp and you should be able to download the album just like the old one. You can do this right now.

Regardless of whether you already purchased it or not, album-tier Patrons and up will receive a download code for the entire album when pledges process. So if you do own the album, feel free to give your download code to a friend! And track-tier Patrons, please message when your pledge processes with your favorite track, and I'll be happy to send you a download code for it.

Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google, etc appearances should happen shortly after that (or before if I'm lucky!)

Oh! The old album art has been replaced with a fantastic new piece by Len Stuart, the artist on Pixel Noir. A word about the artwork, by the way. It uses the CGA palette, which allows for only the 4 colors you see and nothing else. I noticed how this resembles a lot of retrowave images out there these days and went to Len with that idea. I think he did an amazing job with it; if you'd like to pay his website a visit he's at

That's the end of today's story, but as always, let me know if something doesn't work as intended or if you have any questions, and please help me spread the word about the album if you can!