Retrograde, EP
Hey Patrons and friends!

I have a new album! Paul Curreri and I made this 5 song record in the back house studio of Carrie Elkin & Danny Schmidt’s house in February of 2015. I came in and played guitar, then the next day I came in and did all the vocals. Devon Sproule hung out with my little baby Benny. Andrew came in and played bass. Flash forward a couple weeks and Paul sent back these songs all strung up in xmas lights, glitter, beats, background vocals. Photoshopped into these songs were kitties and dinosaurs. Then Dan Grissom made that awesome cover art and Robin MacMillan mastered the album.

We are releasing the album differently than the past. Yesterday we started pre-selling copies for $10 each. For each $10 that comes in we will count as 1 pre-order. The Album will be released as soon as we reach 500 pre-sales. On our first day we hit 56 pre-sales!  I'd like your opinion about how you and I should proceed! Do you, my beloved Patrons, want to consider your pledges as pre-orders and I will send you each track, one at a time? OR would you like to go and pre-order the album like everyone else? I will still send you new songs as they come along, of course. Let me know what you'd prefer and I will do it! 

In the meantime, would you PRETTY PLEASE SHARE this project with your friends and families?! That would be incredibly wonderful...

thank you tremendously, raina rose.


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