Return of Updates, and thanks!
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Ok, man, a lot to get to today, but let's get to it!

This update works pushes the nightly branch to the stable branch, including a bugfix which was preventing a new game from being started. In addition, rough art for tier 3 of the armor has been implemented. I had hoped to prepare more, but it's been difficult getting back into things. Hoping that getting back to the old schedule will help with that!

But a big thanks are in order! I said that there was a big life event at the end of the month for me, and though I hesitated to talk about it, I feel it's important to share. Up until very recently I suffered from clinical major depression. It's officially been a year since I sought medical help for my condition. Art is something I struggled a lot with in particular during my downward spiral, and I can say with certainty that the Kirhos would not exist today without the help I got. I am absolutely humbled by the response I've gotten so far. Even through the frustrating aspects of modding, the community support has been incredible and it keeps me going. And seeing how far I've come in a year-- how I've managed to pull myself from the precipice of darkness and find something that truly makes me happy-- humbles me as well.

Thank you everyone who has downloaded this. Even if we've never talked, knowing you're out there enjoying what I do is a lot and it keeps me going. I hope, moving forward, to deliver a fantastic product to you.