Return of the Borges Illustrations!
Hi everyone! wow, the response so far has been pretty great - I'm getting started on rewards now and you should start getting them at the beginning of next month. Meanwhile, here's an advance look at the first in a new illustration series! a while back I had a go at drawing all the "Fauna of China" as described in one of my favourite books, Jorge Luis Borges' "Book of Imaginary Beasts" It kinda trailed off as other projects got in the way, but I want to pick that back up, because I think I can do better now and people are always asking about them. Here's the first one, my depiction of "Celestial Horses," which are clearly not horses and don't seem all that celestial. Let me know what you think! Also if you have an opinion of which you'd like to see next - here's the list:

> Chiang-liang: a kind of hooved tiger-man snake-eating chimera.

> Ch'ou-t'i: two headed creature.

> Denizen of Ch'uan-T'ou: people with batwings and beaks.

>  Denizen of the Country of the Long Arms: people with inordinately long arms.

> Hsiao: human-faced owl-monkey chimera.

> Hsing-Hsing: creepy apes.

> Hsing-t'ien: warrior-creature with its face on its chest.

> Hua-fish: flying fish

> Mountain Hui: dog with a human head.

> Musical serpent: four-winged serpent.

> Ocean men: merpeople who like storms.

> Ping-feng: black pig with two heads.

> Denizen of the region of the Queer Arm: people with 1 arm and 3 eyes.

> Ti-chiang: faceless six-legged bird.