The Return of the Cups! (I Don't Wanna Live Forever)
Hi friends! Here's another bonus video for you all this month! You might have caught it on Kurt's channel a couple weeks ago, but I always like to share it on mine as well for anyone who might have missed it :)

Kurt always likes to make it a challenge, and the cups certainly get that job done. Took a LOT of takes for us to all get it right. We had a ton of fun, but I won't lie, it does get a little tense as the takes go on... haha. Love these folks so much though! 

I'll be posting another video at the end of next week and I think I'm going to make it a Throwback Session! I always enjoy getting nostalgic and revisiting my oldies :)

Wow, I am noticing my overuse of "!" and ":)" and I'm really sorry about it. I hope it's not too obnoxious. I'm just happy and excited about things and want to convey that! (There I go again.)

*^*^*^*^ (That's me trying to get the attention of anyone who wasn't planning on reading this far down) To any new patrons out there--if you've joined at the $5 level or above, we'll be doing our monthly Coffee Date Hangout this Sunday at 11am PST. I'll be sending out the private link before we go live. See you soon!

Thank you all for being the best, truly.