A Return to Star Citizen Coverage
We've had a long history of covering Star Citizen. I first reached-out to Chris Roberts' team in 2012, right around when the Kickstarter campaign hit ~$800,000, and I remember distinctly thinking that I'd "missed the boat" on coverage. In this industry, there's normally a short window to cover something before the world moves on to the next coverage topic. Star Citizen continued to grow, and has grown in size more than 100x since that first contact with the team.

The game has also grown tremendously in scope. As much as ever, we're recommending that folks wait for something closer to launch before investing too much -- but GN takes that stance for all pre-release software and hardware, it's just worth emphasizing with Star Citizen because we do cover it a good amount.

Anyway, there are two interviews with CR. One went live already:


The other goes live on Monday. We then have two interviews with Technical Director Sean Tracy, which should interest even folks who aren't interested in Star Citizen, just because it is fairly technical content.

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