Returning to Eden: Prologue - In the Beginning...

Returning to Eden


John Nguyen

Prologue – In the Beginning

Eva and Steve Longborrow live on Thirty-two Grove Avenue, Apartment 734. It is an upscale apartment with various service drones floating throughout the complex, catering to all of the tenant’s whims. Computers and consoles dot the walls with quiet glows from their home, a lavish yet humble complex and very lived in. Photos of their lives together fill the walls with their humble furniture, ablatant rebellion of their lavish dwelling. There is much chaos in the world,but in Apartment 734, it is the Longborrows’ private paradise.

Eva opens her eyes. A soft warm light glows over her bedroom as she gets up and nudges a lump of blanket by her side. A small moan escapes from the disturbed pile as it comes alive and turns over. Steve greets Eva in his groggy stupor.

“Mornin’ sweetie, what’s wrong?” asked Steve.

“It’s coming,” replied Eva as another contraction coursed through her body.

Steve’s eyes wildly open and he jumps out of bed, picking up a bag nearby. He runs over to his closet and begins to get dressed. Eva gets up from her bed, gathering her thoughts as the baby inside demands her exit. Steve, clothed and ready, supports Eva as the front door hisses open. The pair approaches their apartment complex’s elevator door. The sensor beeps in acknowledgement and automatically summons their elevator.

“Eva,” said Steve. “We got this, right? I mean, you. You are about to do something miraculous.”

Eva lovingly glances to Steve. The urge was too strong for her.

“Eons of human biology, and we can’t do this painlessly?” joked Eva. “I’ll negotiate a peace treaty with him and my vagina.”

“I hope he’s going to be as funny as you,” laughed Steve. “I can’t wait.”

“Good, maybe he’ll like you too,” replied Eva.

The elevator arrives and they entered as the doors quietly hiss behind them and whirr into action.

“Garage,” said Steve.

The elevator beeps in reply and plummets into the basement below. As they arrive, the garage lights up, illuminating their sole vehicle, an unassuming Model 1Z car. Despite it’s lack of luster, it was Steve’s little treasure. Most of his peers seek out the newest and sexiest car, but Steve opted for something more…timeless.

“This is not kid-friendly,” commented Eva. “Ready for a Soccer Dad car, and give this up?”

“Never. You wanna joke, or you wanna ride?” replied Steve.

Eva laughs as another contraction pierces her with pain, bringing her to her knees. Steve catches her and lifts her into the car. Steve climbs into his car, the steering wheel detects Steve’s fingerprints, and starts. The door opens as the car inches closer and speeds out of the garage. The quiet patter of rain permeates the car, only broken by Eva’s painful moans.

“We’re almost there, Eva,” said Steve. “We’re almost there, just a little more, ok?”

Tears run down from Eva’s eyes and her body sweats from the pain as she looks to Steve and nods, almost pleading.

* * *

Dr. Trivalga paces back and forth frantically in his lab, smoking a cigarette. His lab is ornately organized, clean, and sterile. He stands by the door, with the glow of the cigarette illuminating the dark laboratory. He finishes his cigarette and stamps out the dying embers onto his floor.

“What’s taking those kids so damn long?” thought Dr. Trivalga. “Plan B is always bad when you have to use it.”

The light quiet sounds of a tire screech escapes into the doctor’s ears. The quiet slam of a car door follows, piercing the frigid quiet night as light rain taps upon the walls. Dr. Trivalga leans closer to the door, his ears straining to listen in more. A stifled moan of pain is heard close by. He swiftly opens thedoor.

“Good god, we have to hurry,” whispered Dr. Trivalga. “We don’t have enough time.”

“Glad to see you too,” replied Steve.

“Charming,” retorted Dr. Trivalga. “At this rate, your wife is going to have the baby right here on the ashen floor.”

A painful moan interrupts their banter. Both the doctor and Steven lift Eva up onto the flat operating table. The table hums alive and the table contorts to adjust for Eva’s comfort. The table glows a soft white light as it scans her. Dr. Trivalga holds his holographic tablet and press a multitude of buttons onto it.

“Vitals are steady,” said Dr.Trivalga calmly. “Let me get my equipment ready for your baby boy. He looks ready for the world.”

Dr. Trivalga brings out a syringe and a vial full of clear liquid labeled, Tetratozol. He draws from the vial and injects the medicine onto Eva’s thigh. Her pain washes away and only comfort overwhelms her body as it contracts more and more. The sounds of the medical equipment ring quietly throughout the lab for what seems like forever as Eva's moans of pain ebb away like a receding tide. Then, a loud crying.

There is something to be said about birth, and the miracle of life. But unfortunately, life is chaotic, disastrous, imbued with peril. For a moment, Eva holds her son in her arms, smiling the moments away. A drone floats over to Eva, beckoning her to entrust her son to it’s care. As Dr. Trivalga picks up Eva’s son, a Gene Officer kicks down the reinforced door and a squad of military police swarms the laboratory. Dr. Trivalga desperately fires his syringe gun to one of the officers, lodging a needle into one of the officer’s neck. Eva screams as the nanomachine grenade blinds and incapacitates her as she reaches out her hand to her husband and son. Her vision blurs and fades to darkness as her hearing deafens. Her sense of touch was the last to die, feeling out the last sensations of pain, as the officer batters her body into submission.