Returning With Changes After A Break
I took about a month away from my game project to work on other smaller projects. I was feeling a bit burnt out and needed something smaller that was easy to complete in short order to work on instead for a while.

So I decided to take November off from working on Death? Preposterous! and as a result, I've come back with some new insights and ideas, as well as renewed enthusiasm.

The first thing I decided to do was change how this Patreon page was going to work.

Previously I had set things up so that there were 2 access tiers and that I'd be posting multiple times a week, but that ended up being a lot of extra work on my part, scheduling, and honestly wasn't getting me anywhere I wanted to be. To be honest, I never had a single follower in these first 2 months, let alone any patrons, so nobody was reading any of the things I took the time to make anyway. I saw little point in continuing down such a path.

So I decided to simplify things. Now everything I post here will be freely available to access. Everyone can come and see what I've got going on without any worry of hitting content pay walls. All the old posts I've already set to be publicly viewable, and henceforth there will only be public posts here.

The old $5 or more tier is gone. The only tier I have left up is the $1 or more one, but I changed how it works and it is now 100% optional. You won't gain access to anything new by choosing it. Instead it is simply there for people who wish to show their support financially so I can keep doing what I love.

The second thing is that my posting will now probably be less frequent and more random, no longer adhering to a strict schedule. It takes the pressure off of things for me, and helps make it more enjoyable a task rather than feeling like a chore, and to me that little distinction makes all the difference in the world.

So please enjoy all the newly released content from October, and everything else that gets posted here going forward.