Reuniting Ecological Consciousness with Humanity
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Ecotherapy is the Ecology of Reclaiming our Connection with the Earth. We cannot limit the healing work that lies before us to healing nature or healing the human being. We must unite both areas of healing, for in both cases it is the one life that is wounded: as outside, so within.

The ecology of nature and the psychology of humans are two parts of the same whole. Outer destruction goes hand in hand with inner impoverishment and alienation all a result of our illusion that we are above or somehow separate from nature and that our consciousness is separated, but the reality science is uncovering today is a very different story, from this we can create a new way of being in harmony with nature in understanding the consciousness that flows through plants, animals and the planet as a whole, a consciousness we are a part of. Ecological devastation and human devastation are two sides of the same global disease which can only be correctly understood and overcome by being viewed as parts of a whole ecology of living that has been functioning out of balance and now seeks equilibrium if we are to survive with the planet. We now must seek equilibrium inside while the signs of ecological collapse globally point to this, and many of us are seeking solutions to the crisis. We will know that we serve the earth when we create peace within by reconnecting with nature rather than seeing ourselves as separate from it.

Article, Art and Podcast by Carlita Shaw

Intro is my own musical creation,

Excerpt of Plant Music experiment by the Damanhur community.

Last music on my podcast is by Melodysheep Symphony of Science

A conference on Plant Consciousness is taking place in London in October this year