Revamping my Patreon
So I've been considering this for a while and I would like to hear your feedback.

I'm very grateful for everyone's support on Patreon so far and it has helped a lot. That said I don't feel like I've done well enough with perks and also I don't feel that the monthly model is fair, especially when I don't get much done in that particular month.

  • With that in mind I'm considering redoing my entire Patreon. Here's a few changes I had in mind:
  • Patrons are charged on a per creation basis instead of a monthly basis.
  • More focus on Youtube videos with Patron perks for the videos.
  • More focus on showcasing work-in-progress's.
  • Less focus or none at all on physical item rewards as shipping eats up the majority of the pledge.

  Any thoughts or ideas? Let me please know how you feel about this and/or what you would like to see or change.

For those who aren't patrons, what would you like to see in the rewards for you to become a patron?


~Phyrnna ^_^ <3