Revamping My Patreon:
Hey guys, sorry I haven't been very active the past month and a bit, Holidays rolled around and then I got horrificly ill, then of course I had to upload!
So basically it was a shit strom!

First off, at the moment I am terrible at mainting my patreon and I've failed at what I wanted this patreon to be. As you can see I have updated a few things, but I plan to completely revamp how I run it, how I interact with it and the reward tiers.

The reward tiers that I don't intend to change as of yet are the $30 and upwards tiers. Currently I'd say it's far too much work to maintain the lower tiers of rewards. It's not efficent and it's just a system that makes me dread having to do it each month.
I'm giving you guys a heads up as the $5 tier is a popular one but takes up a ton of time so I intend to change that one the most.

I'm also planning on scrapping the pay wall to recieve the monthly vlogs. I realize that putting videos behind a pay wall hinders my work rather than benefit it.

I also want to add so that my Patreon is focused on interaction, a lot of my content revolves around interaction and it doesn't make sense to not have my Patreon even more interactive. I will most likely bring voting polls to decide certain topics in content as well as competitions. (With rewards.)

Finally I plan to actually make a patreon video, as well as do a stream (A big one) when we launch the new Patreon.

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