Revealing Conquerors!

I’ve promised you surprises and here is the “huge” one - I hope you’ll like it as I do.

Immediately after Monolith I started to design a deck specifically for Patreon. I’ve decided to call it “Conquerors”, in honor of the bearers of the Sword.

Conquerors is a fully custom deck, printed by USPCC. It uses an experimental, simple&bold style made by thick lines.

There will be two versions of Conquerors: Conquerors Audax and the limited Conquerors Victoria

Both versions will have the same cards, but Victoria will have a luxurious, foiled tuck box made by Gamblers Warehouse and it will be very limited (probably 500). 

Like I’ve did for Lunatica, I wanted a simple and affordable edition for use and play and a premium, limited edition for collectors.

How you can get the Conquerors Deck? 

If you already have the Sword of the Conqueror, you’ll get both editions, as one of your monthly Patreon rewards, when the deck will be released.

If you have at least the Golden Key, you’ll be allowed to preorder both Editions with a strong discount. This is very useful also if you’re a Conqueror and you wish extra copies of the decks. There won't be a limit on purchase and Patrons will have priority, especially on the LE.

Non-Patrons can buy the remaining on at full price, after the launch.

As always, this is an experiment, if I'll have more Patrons in future, I will likely made more decks like Conquerors with different numbers. The goal is make those releases monthly, someday. 

I've submitted the order of Conquerors yesterday and I will release it when it will be ready. I think it will be released in late spring/early summer. Conquerors won't be included in April Sword package.

The story of Conquerors

Conquerors main theme is the Victory

Have a purpose is important for everyone - Conquerors are the ones who fight in order to achieve their personal Victory, whatever their goal is.

The War described in Conquerors is a metaphor: the courts are fighting for achieve their personal dreams, not for annihilate each other.

Spades represent Strategy - they play carefully to have an advantage point. They’re patient and smart: they know that sometimes, wait is wiser than act.

Their favourite weapon is the Shield, usually combined with a polearm and a sword.

Hearts represent Bravery - they inspire their army with their heart full of courage. They’re reckless and willing to sacrifice themselves for Victory.

Their favourite weapon the sword - the King wield the Sword of the Conqueror itself.

Clubs represent Brute Force - They don’t have a plan, they just trample everything and everyone stand between them and Victory.

Their favourite weapons are blunt weapons, like maces, hammers and clubs.

Diamonds represents Power - Money, Influence, Resources: some people doesn’t need to fight in order to win. Some can just buy their Victory.

Their favourite weapons is the Axe, but they does not fight directly very often.

The Jokers are the most important characters of Conquerors.

The male joker is Mars Invictus, the invincible, brave Roman God of War. He represent the battle itself, the strength to keep fighting to achieve the Victory.

Mars is often is portrayed as brutal, violent and stupid. However, I wanted to represent Mars as his best, a noble, fearless fighter who stands against any enemy.

The first female joker is Victoria Alata, the Winged Victory herself. She’s the central character of Conquerors and the coveted prize for everyone. She’s completely merciless - for her, the only important thing is win - how, is not really important.

Victoria was an important Roman Goddess, and she was worshipped with a lot of statues in ancient times.

The second female joker is Fortuna Velata, the Goddess of Luck. She’s frivolous, and unpredictable, but her favor is precious. She usually protects the brave ones, so she’s not really blind.

The back represent a complicated structure, with a red banner that includes the Sword of the Conqueror.

Audentes Fortuna Iuvat, Conquerors! I hope you like your deck!

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