Revealing Teeka Tiwari's Mystery Cryptocurrency
There's no doubt Teeka Tiwari puts out some good calls. My detailed, must-read notes were posted here yesterday.

Towards the end of the briefing, he revealed that he has two more picks. The first, Ripple (XRP), he gave away and here are my notes:

- I call it “the next big thing in cryptocurrencies.” It’s a crypto disrupting one of the biggest markets in the world – banking. Most banks are still using old, antiquated technology to transfer money. Takes them about three to five days to clear a typical transaction. However, with this crypto, it takes five to 10 seconds. In other words, this crypto is 25,920 times faster!
- It’s 42% cheaper than what banks currently pay… and experts project that those cost savings will climb to 62% over time.
- 75 of the world’s biggest banks have partnered with it. That includes UBS – one of the world’s largest banks… as well as Bank of America, Barclay’s, and Santander.
- So what’s its name? Ripple. That’s r-i-p-p-l-e. Ripple.

The next pick, he didn't reveal, but had these clues or hooks for his sales pitch to put out:

- Ripple is amazing. But the new crypto I’ve uncovered could put the potential gains in Ripple to shame. This crypto is very small. Much smaller than Ripple. It’s only been around for a few months and has a market cap under $50 million. It’s a privacy coin that was created by a dream team of ex-military experts in intelligence, cryptography, and cybersecurity. It’s more private than any other crypto I’ve come across. This crypto is virtually unknown. But I recently discovered that very soon, this crypto is expected to announce a major initiative… One that I believe will make it the most secure cryptocurrency in the world… and will very likely send a flood of money into this coin. This could be a game-changing moment for this crypto. And when I ran it through my BITS System, it confirmed my suspicions…
- What about insiders? It was created by a dream team of ex-military experts. One of them is a former U.S. Air Force officer with experience in satellite radar, space launch vehicles, and combat support intelligence. Another founder was an officer of a nuclear submarine, responsible for nuclear reactor operations. And the former CEO of one of the world’s biggest cryptos has joined this crypto as a close adviser… and he has a team of developers working on it.

So, within hours, other Patrons were able to definitively sleuth out exactly which one he was talking about by means of a leaked Palm Beach Confidential memo put out to his $3,000-per-year-subscribers, dated Oct 19, 2017. And it's definitive. Zero doubt. This is the underlying value of this Patreon Page, the contributions by the community itself.

So, to keep this in the realm of fair use, I'm simply going to quote from the leaked confidential memo. You can read the whole thing at the links here and/or here. Teeka writes:

A dream team of ex-government agents have come together to create what I believe will become the world’s most widely used privacy coin. [...]
It’s a full-blown privacy platform.
The platform allows for globally secure payments with built-in anonymous messaging. You can also publish documents and store data anonymously.
And developers can use the platform to build and launch their own privacy apps. [...]
In the next few weeks, the project is about to make a big announcement.
The announcement will make this privacy coin the most secure network in the world. More secure than current leaders Monero, Zcash, and Dash.
When this announcement is made, investor money will flood into the coin. [...]
The name of this project is ZenCash (ZEN).

Now, this memo is dated October 19, 2017. Let's look at what happened.

Let's take a bird's eye view first, over three months, and be sure to look at trading volume and when.

Now, the last month.

The last week.

And just in the last day.

So, we can see very obviously that Teeka can pump the market in these smaller market cap coins. October 19 was his initial memo to existing subscribers and the evening of November 2 (8 pm Eastern) was his briefing and pitch for new subscribers, $2,500 for two years (plus a number of freebees) rather than the regular price of $3,000 for a single year.

Basically, with his initial announcement on October 19, ZEN logged gains of about 500% in a couple of days. Then, having been dumped by the most savvy and having it correct down by about half its gains, it got pumped again all day yesterday and is now being dumped after the pump, again.

The only question is, how far? It's probably too much to hope for that it goes back down under the .002 BTC price, but I'm going to hold out a few more days before jumping in, just to see it it will. That's my buy-in price for now, < 0.002 BTC (about $15 currently). I might be inclined to set up a couple of limit orders, like 0.0016 and a bigger one at 0.0014 (about $12 and $10, respectively, right now).

My position in Ripple is now 1,000 coins, about $200. I'm considering an initial larger stake in this, perhaps as much as $500. But I'm going to be patient for a few days.

So there you have it. As Ron Pompei would say...

"You're not going to pay $3,000 for a year's subscription."

"You're not going to pay $2,500 for two years."

"You're going to pay only $5 per month and you'll get all the inside information we can dig up, as soon as it becomes available."

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