The Revelation Painting site
It has been quite a lot as an individual to keep up with the growing endeavor of The Revelation Painting.  It all started mechanically in 1997, although I believe it truly started from conception as a matter of destiny.  To look back on my life, before I got caught up in this painting, I can see how grooming was taking place that had to be experienced before I would earn the right to create this work of art.

There was a time in my life where I did not apprciate the fragility and preciousness of the life I was given and had to learn, sometimes very hurtfully that we are all given our lives for a specific reason.  Some realize that and some never do although most times it lies within our intuition and passion.  With minimal effort we can all figure out who we are and what we were meant to be with the life we are given.

The link included here is for the official website of The Revelation Painting.  It is only me who runs all components of this project and I have not updated the site for quite a while and hope to get back to it in 2017 when I am closer to completion of the painting.  Right now the site explains some of the attributes but lacks many more pieces of this complicated puzzle.

In 1997 the idea for the painting was simple.  And in 2009, everything changed.  It was like an epiphany into my perspective of this world, my world, and it seemed I had been asleep most of my life or walking around blind with 20/20 vision.  Suddenly I found myself awake, wide awake and astounded at the things I once took granted of and believed in so whole-heartedly.

Needless to say, everything changed.  I dreamed of new ways to express what disturbed me without destroying the 12 years already invested in The Revelation Painting.  The goal became two-fold for this painting.  It was no longer a simple work of art.  It became alive!  It became my life's work.  So, here I am on the eve of nearly accomplishing my dream; a lifetime dream.  I only hope that everything I tried to do here serves its purpose as planned.

Welcome to my dream, The Revelation Painting, a painting for the people.