Review: Blue Valentine
This post count is 14/2 but the scene is too much to leave to 14/3: v

Have to say this: BAD viewers are those who are going / are in love, getting married, teenage girls dreaming and brides new to their husbands, men preparing to marry and men who aspire to earn gf.

Why? PHY. PHŨ vãi lấy

Feeling like watching Gauham's Red Man. Systematically collapsing faith in lifelong love built after dozens of years reading fairy tales, novels and romance films.

* feel poi nè *

Blue Valentine is a multi-award winning film and is highly rated (7.5d on IMDB). Ryan Gosling (Michelle Williams), Michelle William (Heath Ledger) and Heath Ledger (Brokeback Mountain).

2 nv are the ones who have past family not happy. Boys, parents divorced from a young girl, although parents do not break up but live without love, arguments throughout the day. Both have a liberal life and do not think of marriage: on a beautiful day, the guy she met and have love lightning: | Love is generally very beautiful, even pregnant she is pregnant and finally the two get married:

The film deliberately alternates between past scenes (when two people meet and love each other) with the current scene (two people become husband and wife). In the past they loved each other very passionately and happily, but in the present they have a lot of disagreements. The girl is a nurse at the hospital, and the old guy was just a transfer agent, after marrying his wife did not do any better job but content with a leisure job. The conflicts deepened their happiness and the husband tried to heal with a trip but not successful.

Finish: the husband leaves. The youngster followed his father, crying, pulling back. View death pain is thought to have a happy ending, a little person ... fall down again :(

Apprehend? Marriage is the grave of love. : When you love to get married, it's time to get married