Review by medical consultant Laura Bruno
Shifting the Lyme Paradigm is a brilliant book that recognizes, explains and celebrates the power of imagination and friendship on the journey back to health. Having been married to someone who suffered from Chronic Lyme Disease, I can honestly say how much I would have appreciated this book to make sense of that time.

Having spoken and corresponded with hundreds of Lyme survivors and their loved ones through my intuitive healing work, I can also vouch for how beautifully Huib Kraaijeveld describes the often inexpressible suffering of those affected by Lyme. Despite its heavy (and important) topic, this book is a delight to read. The quotes, metaphors and love offer soft candlelight and warm campfire camaraderie on an often dark and lonely journey. I will definitely suggest Shifting the Lyme Paradigm to clients

and friends!”

Laura Bruno (M.A.)
 is a Medical Intuitive consultant for Lyme patients and their families, USA