Review: The Cummoner
I always find it funny when you come across a comic and it turns out to be by an artist whose work you already actively follow. This is just one of those situations.

From the creator of Stick in the Mud comes a raunchy, smut fueled adventure about a young witch on a journey to find her master and master her powers, the only catch? She normally has almost zero magical powers until the day she discovers that by having sex she can super charge herself and harness the resulting energies to do strange and wondrous things. She soon finds that sex not only feels great but may hold the key to finding her master, and she's gonna do it one dick at a time.

The Cummoner is a fun fantasy story with a very heavy emphasis on sex. It is featured in pretty much every chapter, and while some may argue it could do with a bit of a tone down, I think it adds a wonderful layer of comedy. Between all the fucking and dialogue, you learn the characters personalities as well as watch them get into situations that make you both blush and chuckle. While the sex is fun, I personally would like a bit more story to it, but that's not the reason we read these kinds of comics now is it?

The art, in a big difference when compared to the previous work I reviewed, is full of color and vibrant shades that just make scenes pop. The anatomy is wonderfully done and the various creatures are interesting to look at as well. Regardless of gender the monsters are just a treat to study anatomically. The backgrounds are excellently done with very distinctive set pieces and locations that are eye catching and some that are just interesting enough to not pull away from the characters in front of it.

All in all, this fun webcomic about sex and magic is an enjoyable ride that I'm sure those of you who are of age with definitely enjoy. If you'd like to help out the artist, why not check out their other comics? Or maybe become a patron over at their Patreon campaign? And if you like my reviews, maybe tell your friends or drop me a line about a comic you wanna see me write about, and if you did, you have my eternal gratitude.

And, as always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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